Grain supports live note-taking for all Zoom meetings where the Grain user, or a member of the same Grain workspace, is the owner of the Zoom meeting recording.

The easiest way to trigger the live note-taking app in Grain is to press the "Record" button in Zoom during a meeting that originated from the same Zoom account used to sign-up for Grain.

Grain supports three different types of Zoom recordings:

If the host of the Zoom recording is a member of your Grain workspace, they can add additional note-takers using the Cooperative note-taking management screen accessed by pressing the + button in the top-right corner of the note-taking app.

Grain will automatically activate live note-taking for all participants of a recorded meeting that are part of the same Grain workspace as the owner of the meeting recording and who are signed into Zoom when the meeting starts.

⚠️ Zoom mid-meeting sign-ins ⚠️

At this time Zoom does not notify API apps like Grain when a logged-out of Zoom meeting participant signs into Zoom during the meeting. In order to ensure the privacy and security of our user's recorded content, Grain can't automatically recognize a user that signs into Zoom during the meeting as an authorized note-taker.

Please ask the Zoom recording owner to manually add you as a cooperative note-taker as described above. Alternatively, you can briefly leave the Zoom meeting and re-join while still signed into Zoom and Grain will recognize you as an authorized note-taker

⚠️ Zoom webhook delays ⚠️

Grain relies on Zoom to notify it when a Grain user starts a recording in Zoom for which they are the owner. Unfortunately, during peak usage hours there can be a 30 - 300 second delay between the recording starting in Zoom and when they send the notification to Grain. This delay from Zoom prevents Grain from activating live note-taking mode and makes the notepad unavailable.

Fortunately Zoom does not have delays in letting API apps like Grain know when a meeting has started (just when a recording has started) so you can trigger the Grain Live recording manually by clicking "Start recording" as seen in the screen below:

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