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Your Workspace doesn’t have to just be for you. You can invite your whole team to collaborate together there.

Invite members to your Workspace

Option #1:

To invite members to your own Workspace, copy the Invite Link in your Workspace Settings, and send the link to your teammates.

You can also invite them via email. The users you invite will receive an invitation to join your Workspace.

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Option #2:

Direct them to sign-up at (requires "Anyone with my domain can join the workspace" to be turned on under Workspace Settings).


Once a new user signs up to your workspace, they’ll be added as a ‘free user’. That is, the user has no paid license.

If they are a frequent recorder, then you can add them to Grain paid plan (Pro or Business) based on your workspace subscription.

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If you need to manage their membership or license later, you can do so in the 'Members' section of your Workspace Settings.

Remove people from your Workspace

To remove a member of your workspace, navigate to Workspace settings > Member.

Scroll down to the user you want to remove and click the three vertical dots next to the user's name --> Remove them from their Grain plan --> then 'Suspend Member.’

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When a User is Suspended:

  • The user can no longer log in.

  • The user’s shared recordings are still available.

  • The user’s private recordings will be restored if unsuspended.

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