How To Import

To import previous Zoom meetings, go to the 'Recordings' folder in the lefthand toolbar of the Grain web app. You can then select 'Add Recording' in the top right corner > select either 'Import from Zoom' or 'Upload a Recording File'.


Import from Zoom

If you click 'Import from Zoom', this section will automatically compile recordings from your Zoom Cloud and your Zoom local folder.

Once you find a meeting you would like to upload, move your cursor over the recording and select 'Import'.


Upload a Recording File

To import any type of recording file, click 'Upload a Recording File'. It will then prompt you to select a file to upload into your workspace.

When you import a file through the Add Recording section, the recording will automatically load into your 'Private Recordings folder' where it will be transcribed. You can create highlights and share them with your team and beyond!

Supported file types: .mov, .mp4, .mp3, .wav, .m4a


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