When you finish recording in Zoom, Grain will import your recording, transcribe the call, and sync them with any real-time notes.

You can share the full recording and transcript with anyone within your workspace or outside of your workspace by selecting the "Share" button on the top-right of any recording where you are the recording owner or have access.

If you would like to share the full recording with everyone in your workspace, simply toggle the option to the right of 'Share to workspace'. If you would like to only share with a few members in the workspace, you will type their names into the 'Share via email' field.

'Anyone with the link' is perfect for people that are external to the workspace, 'Members of -- ' is perfect for people that are on the workspace with you, and 'Only Members with Access' would be when you want to send the recording to an individual or a few people but you decide who it's shared to πŸ˜„

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