Why Should My Sales Team Use Grain?

  • Gain team alignment and understand prospects better with a central library of sales demos and trainings

  • "Show Don't Tell" and improve cross-collaboration with Customer Success and Product Teams

  • Streamline demos and improve communication with sales prospects

  • Increase efficiency and reduce the cost of training new sales reps

Gain team alignment with a central library of your sales demos and trainings

The ability to view your team members' sales demos allows for improving company messaging, fine-tuning sales scripts, and understanding the common wants and needs of prospects.

Unlimited Team Members in your Grain Workspace

Your Grain workspace allows for unlimited team members and the ability to have team members on different Grain plans. This allows for maximum productivity as you can add the entire Sales team to your workspace. You have the ability to invite members, change Grain plans, or suspend members in your Workspace Settings.

Sharing Within the Workspace

In the sharing settings of recordings, you can choose to default share recordings to the entire workspace, manually share to the entire workspace, or choose to share recordings with specific members of the team. When you share recordings with other members, the recordings will show up in their Shared Recordings folder.

Organize Calls with Tags

Organize sales demos and pitches by tagging each call after they import. You can then search and filter through the recordings using these tags, resulting in increased organization and efficiency when sorting through calls.

Example organization tags: company size (e.g. midmarket), type of customer (e.g. lead, prospect), sales rep type (e.g. name of sales rep, SDR, AE), decision (e.g. won, lost)

"Show Don't Tell" and improve cross-collaboration with Customer Success and Product Teams

Maintaining transparent communication between sales and other teams is key in creating . Create highlights to "Show Don't Tell" the key moments of sales demos, and share these directly to encourage transparency and collaboration.

Create Video Highlights

Create highlights directly on calls in the Grain live notepad by clicking the Highlighter button on the right. To manually create a highlight once the call has imported into Grain, simply highlight the text in the transcript and click 'Create Highlight'.

Share Highlights

To share a highlight, simply click the "Copy Highlight Link" button in the top right corner of the Highlight, and paste this link to share it. The video will embed directly into Slack, Notion, Medium, Confluence, Twitter, and Coda.

Ways to "Show Don't Tell" with highlights:

  • Share highlights of prospect product requests with the Product Team

  • Embed highlights of big wins to Slack channels to show customer excitement

  • Share highlights of customer needs/ pain points with Customer Success

Streamline demos and improve communication with sales prospects

Utilize the notepad to make demos more efficient, and improve back and forth with prospects by sharing highlights of the demos.

Take Time Stamped Notes During Calls

Utilize the Grain desktop notepad to take time-stamped notes during calls. It's key to stick to an agenda during sales demos, and using the Grain notepad easily allows you to mark down when key topics were being discussed.

Example time-stamped notes: intro, demo, pain point, competitor, decision

*Note: New Users will not be able to use emoji reactions. Instead, you can use quick tags!*

Using Notepad Reactions

Utilizing the notepad emojis (reactions) allow you to remain focused on the sales prospect —instead of appearing distracted while writing notes. Read about how productivity guru Guillaume Cabane created a system of emojis for his team that represents key moments they're interested in.

Helpful Tip! If you want to hide other meeting participants from viewing your notepad during calls, toggle on “Hide Grain from Screen Capture” in the App settings of your Desktop Preferences.

Share Highlights and Recordings

Send the key highlights of the call to the prospect in your follow up email. You can also share a full recording with prospects if they want to share the demo with managers or stakeholders for further review.

Increase efficiency and reduce the cost of training new sales reps

By utilizing the Shared Recordings folder, new sales reps can easily watch previously recorded demos and trainings. Reduce the time of onboarding by sending training highlights to new reps, default sharing all recordings with the team, and encouraging new reps to utilize search settings to learn more about prospects and sales strategies.

Default Share All Recordings

By toggling on "Share new recordings with workspace", every call will automatically share to the Shared Workspace, instead of defaulting to your Private Recordings folder. Utilizing the default share all feature allows for more transparency on sales calls and creates a more collaborative atmosphere within the team.

Helpful Tip! You can record yourself on a Zoom call to create reusable sales demos and training calls for new sales team members.

Utilize Advanced Search Settings

New sales reps can utilize the Advanced Search settings to find key phrases and keywords within recording names and highlights. Toggle on 'Search Through Transcripts' in the Advanced Search settings to search through recording transcripts as well.

Get more out of your sales demos

Understand your prospects better, gain team alignment, improve cross-functional communication, and make training easier by utilizing Grain within your sales organization.

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