Why Should I use Grain as an Educator?

  1. Bookmark and Highlight key moments during video instruction

  2. Share highlights or full recording of instruction with your whole class

  3. Transcribe video instruction for students

1. Bookmark and highlight key moments

When you're conducting lessons all day it's necessary to take notes so you can efficiently review the lesson after it's done.

Use the Grain notepad to quickly create timestamped Highlight clips of key moments of the call with your notes while remaining focused on the lesson at hand.


*Helpful Tip! If you want to hide your notepad when you share your desktop screen during calls, toggle on “Hide Grain from Screen Capture” in the App settings of your Desktop Preferences.

2. Share Highlights or full recordings

Share all Highlights

To quickly share all your Highlights at once, click “Copy Highlights” on your Recording page, above your Highlights.

From here, you can paste a list of your meeting Highlights, including timestamps and associated notes.

copy highlights.png

Share single Highlights

To share a single Highlight, simply click the 🔗 button in the top right corner of the Highlight, and paste this link to share it. This is a public link that you can share with anyone, and they will see the selected clip, title of the Highlight, and recording name.

Share full recordings

When you share a full recording, the recipient will get view-only access to the entire recording and transcript taken during the lesson.

4. Transcribe video instruction for readers

Meetings where Grain was actively on, or recordings uploaded to Grain in the Recordings section, will automatically be transcribed in the Grain web app.

Download the transcript as a PDF (or SRT, VTT, and DOCX for paid subscriptions) and send to students for a visual summary of the lesson. You can download the transcript by clicking on the three vertical dots on the upper left side of the recording, and selecting "Download Transcript."

Grain also supports transcription to multiple languages, including German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Russian, and Turkish.

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