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At Grain, we have a rule-of-thumb that every customer facing call should be recorded with Grain (after asking for consent), and then 2-3 highlights quoting the customer should be shared to our #voice-of-the-user channel in Slack.

Historically, Grain has made it easy to flag those amazing, quotable moments in real-time as they happen, but you still need to manually go into the recording to create a highlight, copy the link, then paste it into Slack.

Now with our Zapier integration, you can map a custom emoji in the Grain notepad to automate this workflow and streamline sending out highlights. In this example, we're going to learn how to set up your Grain account to detect any highlight that uses the 🔥 emoji and send the highlight automatically to our #voice-of-the-user channel in Slack. (Please note this requires a paid Zapier account because it is a three-step Zap.)

Let's dive in! Steps Below:

Step #0 (in Grain): Make sure whatever emoji you use to trigger this workflow is added to your Grain Notepad. You can follow the instructions here to add up to 8 custom emojis.

Step #1 (in Zapier): Search for "Grain" in the Zapier triggers for your first step and connect your Grain account with your Zapier account. Select "Add Highlight" as the action to trigger. Click "Continue" to add a 2nd step to your Zap.

Step #2 (in Zapier): Add a filter to your Zap that checks the "Highlight Summary" field from the Grain trigger to ensure the (Text) contains the emoji of choice, in this case a 🔥 emoji.

Step #3 (in Zapier): Add "Slack" as the next action of your Zap and under the "Set up action" section you'll want to choose the channel to send the Grain highlight to. We use our #voice-of-the-user channel, which you'll have to create in Slack and then refresh Zapier to see if you don't already have a channel you want to send to. Next, you'll want to format the "message text" in a similar fashion to what is shown below so that your "Highlight Summary", "Highlight Transcript", and "Highlight URL" are all in the body of the message to be sent.

Create the highlight in Grain! In order for it to be automatic without needing to go into the recording, turn your note into a highlight in the notepad by clicking the highlighter button to the right of the note.

(Note: If you want to adjust the highlight before you have Zapier trigger the automation, you can go back into the call and turn your note into a highlight. I would recommend trying out a delay step in Zapier to make sure that when you create the highlight, it doesn't trigger the Zap before you've gotten a chance to edit the content of the highlight via the transcript in Grain.)

Slack will automatically detect the Grain URL as a video and unfurl it so it can be viewed directly in the channel.

And that's it! Now when you create a highlight in Grain with the 🔥 emoji, you'll see a result like the following:

This is just one of the many Grain + Zapier workflows you can create to automate your content distribution. Please reach out to help@grain.co with any of your own template suggestions or if you have questions about setting up this workflow.

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