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While Grain is especially useful for creating highlights from recordings, it’s sometimes useful to send out full recordings back to clients, team members, students, etc. Streamline this communication with this Zap. Once it's active, this integration automatically sends a full Grain recording as soon it's created via a custom email in Gmail.

Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Log in to your Zapier account and go to the Zap Editor.

2. Type "Grain" in the Choose a Trigger 'App Event' search box and select the Grain app.

3. Select a Trigger from the list.

4. On the next step click “Sign in to Grain”.

5. You will be taken to Grain secure website and asked to login. Login using your Grain account information. Then click 'Continue' in Zapier.

6. Follow the next step which may ask you for some trigger options, depending upon the Trigger you selected. Then test your Grain Trigger.

7. Once the Trigger setup it done, you’ll be able to select an Action. This is what Zapier will do when something is triggered from Grain.

8. Follow the rest of the steps until you get to the last window that allows you your click 'Turn on Zap'. Click the button and you should get confirmation that your new Zap is turned on and ready to go.

9. That’s it! Each time your Zap is triggered your Action will run.

Need inspiration? See everything that’s possible with Grain and Zapier. Need some help? Check out the Grain/Zapier Integration page.

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