How to configure Grain to automatically record my meetings

Record, transcribe, and summarize your video meetings with AI.

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So, you’ve created your account using Google or Microsoft Outlook. ✅

And you’ve downloaded the Desktop App. ✅

Now let’s record a call. 👏

There are more than one way to record your meetings with Grain.

I. Set Recording Preferences

If you haven't already, go to Settings > My Account > Recording to set your recording preferences.

You can choose how Grain records your meetings: all meetings, only internal meetings with your team, or just customer calls (external meetings).

To record all meetings, select "Auto-record all my meetings." To record only internal or external calls, choose "Auto-record some of my meetings" and then specify whether you want to record internal or external calls.

Once you update your preferences, Grain will automatically join your meetings when they begin to record, transcribe, and summarize the discussion with AI.

II. Today

Navigate to the "Today" tab in the sidebar and activate the toggle for the meetings you wish to record using Grain. This approach is ideal when you want to manually select which meetings to record, one meeting at a time.

Once the toggle is activated, you're all set. Grain will automatically join the call when the meeting begins.

III. Record Your Ad-hoc Meetings

Navigate to the "Today" tab in the sidebar, and you'll see an open field where you can enter your meeting link. Simply copy and paste the meeting link into this field, then click "Record." Grain will promptly join the meeting and begin recording the conversation.

You can also do the same using the Grain Desktop app.

Click on the Grain icon in the top menu bar, and you'll see the ongoing meeting. Simply select the meeting and toggle on "Record this meeting." Grain will then join the call automatically.

Where does my recording go?

Grain recording lands in your Library as soon as the call ends. If the recording is set to be shared with the workspace, it'll show up in your workspace Library as well.

Recordings are ordered from most to least recent. If you don’t see your recording after a few minutes, try refreshing the page. Your Recordings are shared with team members in your Workspace by default, but you can change your settings to make recordings private (seen only by you).

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