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Record your first call with Grain
Record your first call with Grain
Zoom amnesia ends here.
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So, you’ve created your account using Google or Microsoft Outlook. ✅

And you’ve downloaded the Desktop App. ✅

Now let’s record a call. 👏

Start Recording

When you open the Grain Desktop App and click the Grain icon in the top menu bar, you’ll see two things:

  • A field where you can paste a Zoom link or meeting ID (for meetings not scheduled in your calendar).

  • All your upcoming scheduled calls on whichever Google or Outlook calendar you synced with Grain.

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Once a meeting has begun, you can simply click the green “Record” button to allow the Grain Recorder to join your meeting.

You can also configure your settings to determine which meetings get automatically recorded with Grain (highly recommended).

During Recording

Recorder has joined the call.

When you record a call with Grain, the “Recorder” will join the Zoom call as though it were just another member of your meeting. This allows for transparency among the members of the meeting: everyone is made aware that the call is being recorded.

Grain recorder.png

Zoom chat message

You’ll also notice that your Zoom chat has a new message when the Recorder joins the call. This is an automatically-generated link to the live Recording in real time.

As the host, when you click this link you’re taken to the live Recording in real time in your Workspace, where you can edit the transcript, make notes, and create highlights.

Non-hosts will see a view-only version where the live video and transcript are visible, but the host’s notes and highlights are hidden.

Create highlights while recording

When you detect an important moment happening in your meeting, make a quick note of it using the Grain Desktop App. This will automatically create a highlight of that moment, saving you valuable time after the meeting ends.

highlight processed-2.png

Where does my Recording go?

If you were the host of the meeting, the Grain Recording lands in your Workspace as soon as the call ends. Log into your Grain Workspace and your Recording will be waiting for you!

Recordings are ordered from most to least recent. If you don’t see your Recording after a few minutes, try refreshing the page.

Your Recordings are shared with team members in your Workspace by default, but you can change your settings to make Recordings private (seen only by you).

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