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If you haven’t learned about how to create a Highlight yet, head over there first, then come back here to learn about how to create a Story.

Now that you’ve created some Highlights, you can begin linking them together to create a Story.

When you put together your Highlights, you can create emotionally rich stories that would have otherwise taken days or weeks to create. Grain makes it simple: no Final Cut Pro needed.

Grain Stories are created to influence the product roadmap, to close more deals, or to rally cross-functional teams around the voice of the customers.

Regardless of your role, you can use Grain to tell powerful Stories and make an impact.

How to create a Grain Story

1. Sign in to Your Grain Workspace

Sign in to your Grain workspace and go to Stories. Click on New Story in the upper right corner.


2. Add Sections and Highlights‍

Once you’re in, you can add the basic details including Title, Description, and Background. Feel free to #tag your Story to access it easily at a later point in time.


Now comes the fun part: just click on “+ Add New Highlight” to drop the highlights into your Story. You can add as many highlights as you’d like and group the highlights based on the context using Sections.

Here’s an example:


3. Share Your Story

Is your Story ready? Just click on ‘Share’ to share it with your team/customers. That’s it!


Pro tip: If you’re looking to convert *all* the highlights from a recording into a Story, then open the recording and hit “+ Story”. All the highlights will be stitched together — ready for you to share.

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