Once logged in to your Workspace, you’ll see a toolbar on the left side with four different tabs:

  • Record Call

  • Search

  • Stories

  • Recordings

Let’s take a closer look at each toolbar tabs.

Record Call

Record Call auto-updates in real time and syncs not only with your Google or Microsoft Calendar, but also your Zoom account, to show your current and upcoming meetings.

You can decide the meetings where you want your Grain recorder to automatically join & record the call.

You can also enter Zoom meetings or view Live Recordings from here.


Search through your conversations by key words from the meeting.

When you enter a key word, Grain searches across the meeting titles, highlights, and transcripts to find and surface the relevant moment right at the top for you to view & share.


See all the Stories you’ve created, sort & organize them as you like, or create a new Story.


The home page of the Workspace: Where all the shared recordings from you and your team live.

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