Workspace Settings

Everything you need to customise your workspace.

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To access and customize your Workspace settings, log in and click on your profile in the upper left corner of your workspace. Then choose “Workspace Settings.”

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1. General


If you are creating a new workspace, name it something that will be instantly recognizable by your team. Usually, workspaces are named after a company or organization you work for.

Workspace Icon

Personalize your Workspace: your company’s logo would look great here! Your Workspace Icon shows up on your Grain Recorder during Zoom meetings and Stories.

Workspace Access

Use this link to invite team members to join your Workspace.

Auto-Join for Teammates

Enabling it will help your team members to join the same workspace, rather than creating their own.


With paid subscriptions, you can remove the Grain watermark from your highlights.

Delete Workspace

The big red button. Deleting your Workspace cannot be reversed.

2. Members

Grow Your Workspace

Invite team members to your Workspace via email invite or by copy/pasting a shareable link. The link can also be found under “General > Workspace Access.” Read more about growing your Workspace here.

Pending Members

View who is yet to accept your Workspace invitation.

3. Billing

Plan Details

View which Grain subscription you’re currently signed up for, how many ‘recorder seats (paid seats)’ are in your workspace, and more.

4. Plans

Access the information on Grain’s pricing plans, downgrade or change your plan here.

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