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Sharing Highlights, Stories, and Recordings
Sharing Highlights, Stories, and Recordings

Your content matters most when people view it.

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With Grain, you create content that’s useful to others.

Grain’s most successful power users view Grain as a place for collaboration: knowledge is captured, then knowledge is shared so that the rising tide lifts all boats (so to speak).

That’s why your Grain content is shareable, integrateable, and embeddable across a vast multitude of platforms.


You can share a highlight by copying its link. Anyone with the link can view it.

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If the viewer is part of your Workspace and you shared the recording with the Workspace, they’ll also see the option to access the complete Recording from the Highlight clip.


There are three ways to share your Grain Story:

  • Copy a watch-only link and share it with anyone.

  • Invite your team via email or link to collaborate on the Story.

  • Toggle “Shared to your workspace” on to make the Story available for anyone in your workspace to watch, edit, and share.

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Meeting Recordings:

Your meeting recordings can shared in three ways:

  • Copy Link to recording and sharing it. You can also select the link access for each recording directly.

    • Note: Shared links can be shared with a description and at specific timestamps. To adjust the timestamp share point adjust the time on the video player.

  • Invite someone to collaborate on recording via email or link. Invited users can create Highlights, edit notes, and add to Stories from the recording.

  • Make the recording available to your workspace by toggling “Shared to your workspace” ON.

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