Meetings accompanied by Grain recording bot, or recordings uploaded to Grain workspace, will automatically be transcribed in the selected language.

What are transcripts?

As soon as your meeting ends, your Recording lands in your Workspace complete with a transcript, or a written record, of what was said during your meeting. Grain transcripts not only serve as closed captioning for greater accessibility, but are also the way you create and share highlights from the meeting.


Can I edit the Grain transcript?

Yes! You can edit the transcript easily within the recording page.

To edit the transcript:

  1. Go to the recording in your 'Recordings' folder.

  2. Click the 'Correct Transcript' button on the top right of the transcript.

  3. Click the respective word(s) you want to correct.

  4. Replace with correct word(s), or delete words altogether.

  5. Press 'Enter' then 'Done'.

correct transcript.png

Note: If you’ve shared your Recording or any highlights before editing the transcript, any edits you’ve made will not be reflected in those highlights and you’ll need to send updated links to display updated transcripts.

Can I search my Recordings for keywords and phrases in my Recordings transcripts?

Absolutely. Within your Workspace, click “Search” in the menu on the left. The search bar at the top is where you’ll make your inquiry. You can search by relevancy, recording date, or highlight count within shared, private, or all recordings. More on using Search here.

Do you want to search for a keyword in a specific recording? Open the recording, hit “Ctrl + F”, and type your keyword.

Does Grain support other languages?

Yes! Grain currently supports language transcription in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Italian, and Turkish.

The Transcription Settings default to English and are set on an account basis, meaning that each member of a workspace can select the language of their choice.

To turn on transcription support in another language, go to your Account Settings > Recordings > Transcription


Transcribe video instruction for readers

Paid subscribers can download the transcript as a PDF, SRT, VTT, or DOCX and send to team members (or students, if you’re a teacher) for a visual summary of the meeting/lesson.

You can download the transcript by clicking on the three vertical dots on the upper left side of the recording, and selecting "Download Transcript".

Download interview transcript.png

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