Ever wondered why your Recorder isn’t joining your calls automatically? It could be because of your Recorder settings.

You can access the Recorder settings from the Grain Desktop app or your browser.

Adjusting Recorder Settings from within Desktop App

From your Desktop App, click the three vertical dots, then click on “Settings.” Then, go to “Recording” tab.

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Adjusting Recorder Settings from within the Workspace

If you want to access the settings through the browser, open a new tab and log into your Grain workspace. Once you’re in, click the Settings gear in the bottom left corner to pull up the Settings menu, and choose “Account Settings.” Within Account Settings, click the “Recording” tab.

Once you’re in the Recording tab

Right at the top, in the section titled “Auto-record Calendar events,” the first three toggles will show you when your Recorder is or isn’t automatically recording your calls. Customize your Recorder settings to join internal or external calls automatically.

You also have the option to toggle on/off whether you record calls that you're not the host of.

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