Startup founders and executives, from companies like Roam, ClickUp, and Reforge use Grain to capture the most important moments from every meeting. With Grain, they are able to create bite-sized video content and share the customer’s story.

How founders and executives use Grain

Maximize your time and resources

Grain is the second brain you always wanted

If you are like most founders and executives, a good portion of your day is filled with back-to-back meetings and this is not only exhausting but extremely difficult to remember everything that happened.

Grain is designed to be there for you, and reduce that day-to-day mental load, by capturing the important moments from every conversation.

Eliminate the need for note-taking

With the Grain Notepad, you can quickly capture the critical highlights and spoken knowledge during your meetings, and immediately turn discussions into actions.

To 10x your impact and compress hours into minutes of watchable content, like productivity legend Guillaume Cabane, create automatic workflows using Zapier.

Improve your impact & team alignment

Share the important moments

In a fast-growing startup, there is too much that happens every week to stay caught up on everything and still get your work done, but Grain allows you to package the important insights from every conversation and share them with those who need them.

This knowledge transfer allows teams to remove the need for as many meetings, reviewing notes, or watching full recordings, in order to be caught up and aligned.

Improve empathy and inclusiveness

With globally-distributed and diverse teams, Grain helps bridge the gap between both language barriers and different learning styles.

Team members are able to consume the important information either by transcript, full-recording, or highlight clips to match what learning method works best for them.

Customer-Led Product Roadmapping

Grain helps you make better decisions.

The next generation of hyper-growth companies are focused on customer-led road mapping, and Grain enables executives to share the most direct and well-packaged feedback straight from the voice of their stakeholders.

These insights can be integrated with communication tools (like Slack or Teams), project management tools (like Asana, ClickUp, and Linear), and road mapping tools (like Productboard and Runway).

Make knowledge-sharing easy

Grain takes all the headache and manual work out of sharing the actual ‘voice of the customers’ by giving you the tools to package up the important moments with Highlight clips and Stories and quickly share them.

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