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Automate notes in HubSpot

Learn how to connect Grain with HubSpot to sync meeting notes with HubSpot records to save you time

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Connect Grain with HubSpot to automatically update your contacts' deal notes with a link to view the meeting and AI notes. Grain's integration syncs your sales meetings with contacts, companies, and deals in HubSpot, ensuring that your records stay up-to-date and providing better visibility into pipeline activity.

Connect Grain to HubSpot

To connect Grain with HubSpot, follow these steps. They only need to completed once for the entire workspace:

  • Click "Connect HubSpot"

  • Choose your HubSpot account

  • Give Grain access to your HubSpot account by clicking "Choose Account"

  • Review the terms and access options and click 'Connect App'

Voila! You’ve now connected Grain with your HubSpot account.

Important Note: Only meetings automatically shared to the workspace are eligible for use by this automation. If your meetings aren't shared with the workspace, the meeting notes won't be synced with HubSpot.

Customize HubSpot automation

  • Add as a note or meeting: You can choose to add your meeting notes as either a note or a meeting in your HubSpot record.

  • Create contacts: You can enable Grain to create a new contact in HubSpot when you're meeting with an external participant (someone from outside of your company) who isn't already in HubSpot.

  • Add deal qualification properties: You can enable Grain to add your meeting notes to a HubSpot deal when the external meeting participant is connected with a Hubspot deal.

Deal qualification properties

In HubSpot, deal properties are fields that store data about your contacts, companies, deals, and other records.

Grain uses the properties in HubSpot to store meeting information related to deals or sales opportunities. Meeting information is added to the Grain Properties section of your HubSpot deal properties. A unique property is created for each section of the Grain notes template. The properties are populated with meeting details.

Important Note: Only notes from our sales template will be added as properties. If your meetings notes aren't set to Sales Discovery template, the meeting notes won't be synced with HubSpot deal properties. However, all meeting notes regardless of meeting template type will be shared with Hubspot contact activity.

Disconnecting Grain from HubSpot

To disconnect Grain from HubSpot, navigate to the HubSpot integrations settings menu here!

  1. To begin the disconnecting process, press the 3 dots at the top right next to your account number.

  2. You will then see a red 'Disconnect' button. Select that.

  3. From here you will see a pop up menu confirming you would like to remove this integration, press the red 'Disconnect' button again to confirm this.

  4. Then the integration will be removed.

Alternative Option: You can uninstall the Grain app from your HubSpot account. See the HubSpot Knowledge Base article for instructions.

How Does Disconnecting Grain from HubSpot Impact my HubSpot Account Data?

  • Once disconnected, Grain will no longer send meeting notes and other pieces of information over to HubSpot.

  • All pre-existing information that Grain has sent will still be available to view in HubSpot.

  • Grain will stop the syncing of your meeting data to the relevant HubSpot records.

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