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How to Connect Grain with Your HubSpot Account
How to Connect Grain with Your HubSpot Account
Learn how to connect Grain with HubSpot to sync meetings with HubSpot records.
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Connect Grain with HubSpot to automatically update your contacts' deal notes with a link to view the meeting and AI-summary.

Our integration syncs your sales meetings with contacts, companies, and deals in HubSpot, ensuring that your records stay up-to-date and providing better visibility into pipeline activity.

To connect Grain with HubSpot, follow these steps:

  • Go to Automations > HubSpot

  • Click "Get Started" > "Connect HubSpot"

  • Give Grain access to your HubSpot account by clicking "Connect app"

Voila! You’ve now connected Grain with your HubSpot account.

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