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Does Grain share my data with 3rd parties like OpenAI when creating AI summaries?
Does Grain share my data with 3rd parties like OpenAI when creating AI summaries?
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As you may know, Grain uses AI to provide a concise summary, key points, and action items for your recorded meetings. If you have questions about how Grain uses AI, we have the answers.

What are the benefits of using AI?

Grain uses AI to generate an accurate meeting summary, as well as time-stamped key points and next steps. This allows you to easily navigate to specific moments in the video.

With Grain AI, our customers can:

  • Automate note-taking and stay engaged during meetings

  • Quickly bring their teams up to speed with AI-generated meeting recaps

  • Navigate directly to important moments in a call

  • Clip and share highlights 2x faster

What do you use to generate AI summaries, key points, and action items?

We use OpenAI's GPT (generative pre-trained transformer) models, specifically GPT 3.5, to generate summaries for your meetings. Note that we do not use the consumer-facing ChatGPT anywhere in our product, but rely on the OpenAI APIs, which differ from ChatGPT in regard to data sharing and terms of service.

How Grain uses GPT?

We send the meeting transcript data to the Open AI through its API and fetch the generated Summary, Key Points, and Next Steps for you.

Alongside the transcript, we send instructions (also known as “prompts”) to ensure you are getting the accurate summaries of your meetings. Prompts are essentially instructions or some examples of how to successfully complete a task.

How is my data protected in transit to OpenAI?

The connection between Grain and OpenAI is secured with TLS (Transport Layer Security). This means no other party can see the data (including summaries).

Is my meeting data used to train the AI?

No, your meeting data is not used to train OpenAI's GPT models (also known as LLMs).

“OpenAI does not use data submitted to and generated by our API to train OpenAI models or improve OpenAI’s service offering.”

Put another way, your meeting data isn’t used by Grain or Open AI for any commercial purposes. We use your meeting transcript data only to generate summaries and other useful content for you and your team.

Does Open AI store my data?

OpenAI retains data sent through the API for up to 30 days solely for abuse prevention and monitoring purposes. After this period, your data is permanently deleted from their systems.

How can I be confident in the protection and security of my data?

OpenAI's API is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and has been audited by an independent third-party auditor against the 2017 Trust Services Criteria for Security. For more details, refer to OpenAI's API policy.

Grain is SOC 2 Type I certified and is in the process of obtaining Type II accreditation. Further information on data protection can be found on our security page.

Can I delete my data from Grain and Open AI?

Yes, you have the ability to delete your meetings in Grain, which automatically removes the transcript, highlights, and summaries. Just open the meeting > Click on More () > Delete. Deleted meetings can be restored within 30 days before being permanently deleted. Open AI will delete your data after 30 days as well (unless otherwise required by law).

Can I disable AI features in Grain?

No, you can’t disable AI features in Grain at the moment.

Have more security questions? Reach out to and we’d happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

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