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Grain is a new way to do meetings. Whether it’s on Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet, Grain automates your notes keeps a record of every call.

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Get started in three easy steps

  1. Sign up for your Grain account.

  2. Customize your (a) auto-record and (b) auto-share settings.

  3. Complete your first meeting with Grain.

1. Sign up for your Grain Account.

Navigate to in your browser. You can sign up using your Google or Outlook Account. We also offer the option to log in with your work email through SSO* (SSO sign-ups/logins require an Enterprise account).

2. Decide how you record and share.

You can customize what meetings you want or don’t want to record. You can also choose how you share those recordings.

(a) Auto-record or choose specific meetings.

Grain connects with your calendar to automatically record, transcribe, and share the specific types of meetings you want to capture & share.

You decide when to record at any time here:

You can always add Grain to record any meeting by adding a Zoom, Meet, or Teams URL to the “Record Call” page on the web or via the Desktop App.

(b) Auto-share

Customize which recordings you want to share in your workspace - whether you want to share all meetings with your workspace, internal meetings only, external meetings, or none.

Manage the sharing permissions of any meeting from “Share” modal.

3. Your first meeting with Grain.

(a) Customize your recorder (Only works for Zoom and Teams)

Now you are ready to record and transcribe with Grain.

Grain will join the meeting as a participant. To let others know that you are recording you can customize the name and appearance of the Grain recorder that will join your call. If you prefer a more subtle recorder presence, within your Account Settings under the Recording tab you can toggle “Join meetings with video display” to off and choose “Hide non-video participants" in Zoom.

If you’d prefer to record meetings directly in Zoom, you can automatically import them into Grain by setting up the Zoom integration:

Note: If you have the auto-importer on and record calls, you will get two identical recordings in your workspace. We recommend using one or the other.

(b) Join a meeting with the Grain recorder

When you’re ready to try Grain in a live demo call, add a new event to your calendar with a video link (Zoom, Teams, or Meet). Grain will join the meeting at the selected time.

You can also drop a Zoom, Teams, or Meet link directly into the “Today” page and manually manage which meetings to record in advance.

The Desktop App will send you a notification 1 minute before a scheduled meeting to allow you to join the call with or without adding the recorder.

Check out the AI-powered recording summary

Once your meeting is complete, Grain will automatically transcribe and summarize the meeting using AI. It will generate “Key Points” and “Next Steps” based on the context of the meeting.

Quickly scan the AI summary, click “Copy Notes,” and paste it into any destination to easily share the summary moments. You can also edit the notes as necessary. Click and drag any content in the Transcript to create a video highlight to share. Grain’s AI will automatically give the highlight a title.

Turn any AI summary point into a video highlight by promoting it and then adjusting the highlight content and length by dragging the highlight handles from within the Transcript.

You decide who can access the recording directly from the recording page and choose if you want user- or link-based access.

Your Team Workspace

Get a workspace to collaborate, share, or manage everyone’s recordings. A “Recorder License Seat” can create unlimited new recordings to add to the library. “Free Collaborator Seats” can create and upload recordings capped at twenty (20) recordings per seat.

Workspace Library

Available information accelerates knowledge sharing. That’s why we by default, share all recordings from all members of your Grain account with the “Workspace Library” at the bottom of your sidebar list. Tabs for “Meetings”, “Highlights”, & “Stories” allows you to organize, search, and access your content by media type. You can filter all media types to find what you’re looking for fast.

My Library

Grain allows “Private” recordings to be managed in your library, which includes the meetings for which you are the recording owner or have been added directly.


Many teams want to group a set of recordings into a static folder of content that can be shared across teams to ensure that they have access to this knowledge.


Certain moments are important and are useful in arms reach. Click the heart anywhere in Grain to add it to your favorites. This personal list is not visible to anyone else in your workspace.

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