What are Automations?
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Automations are a powerful way to streamline your post-meeting workflows by seamlessly integrating Grain with tools like Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more. With Automations, you can effortlessly transfer vital meeting information to other tools, all without lifting a finger. Imagine automatically sending meeting notes from sales calls to relevant HubSpot records, completely eliminating the need for manual call logging.

With Automations, you can:

1. Save time by automating repetitive tasks.

2. Share key information and insights from your meetings that might otherwise go unused.

3. Promote accountability and transparency by automatically sharing action items and decisions from every meeting.

Supported Automations

Grain currently offers two different Automation options:

  • Slack: Receive AI-generated meeting summaries and highlights directly in a Slack channel of your choice. Learn how to set up Slack Automations here.

  • HubSpot: Keep your records up-to-date by synchronizing your Grain meetings with your HubSpot records. Learn how to set up HubSpot Automations here.

  • Zapier: Configure Zaps to automate your workflow with you favorite tools! Learn how to set up automations with Zapier here.

Automation Access

Pro tip: double-check your settings to make sure you get get the smoothest automation experience. Slack and Hubspot automations only work with recordings that are Shared to workspace. Also, Slack automations will only work on public channels.

Request a New Automation

Have another tool in mind that you'd like to connect with Grain? You can request a new Automation here.

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