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What's the difference between Free Seats and Paid Seats?
What's the difference between Free Seats and Paid Seats?
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Before we dive into the details, we'd recommend taking a quick look at our pricing plans.

Grain offers various pricing plans to suit your needs, but for the purpose of this article, let's simplify them into two categories:

1. Free Plan: Also known as "Basic."

2. Paid Plans: These come under various names like Starter, Business, or Enterprise.

Free Seats

If a team member in your workspace is on the Basic plan, they occupy a free seat. This means we won't charge anything for that user as they are on a free plan.

Being on a free seat allows you to:

  • Record up to 20 meetings in total (not per month).

  • Upload 5 recorded meetings to Grain for transcription and AI summary.

  • View meetings recorded by other team members (as long as they have a paid seat).

Paid Seats

If a team member in your workspace is on a Starter, Business, or Enterprise plan, they occupy a paid seat. In this case, we charge them the designated amount based on their paid plan every month.

Being on a paid seat allows you to:

  • Record and transcribe an unlimited number of meetings.

  • Upload or import an unlimited number of recordings.

  • Integrate Grain with tools like Slack, Productboard, HubSpot, and more. Note that the available integrations may vary depending on the paid plan you're on. For instance, Business plan users can integrate with HubSpot and Salesforce, while Starter plan users cannot integrate with their CRM.

Paid seats are also known as recording seats since they can record an unlimited number of meetings.

Where Can I See Free and Paid Seat Members?

To check the plan of each member in your workspace, go to Settings > Workspace > Members. Members on Business or Starter plans have paid seats, while those on the Basic plan have free seats. You can also reassign seats among your members as needed.

Can My Workspace Have Both Paid and Free Seats?

Yes, you can have a mix of both. If at least one member in your workspace is on a paid plan (e.g., Starter), you can add up to 20 free seats. If you require more than 20 free seats, consider upgrading at least one member to the Business tier. With at least one member on a Business plan, you can have up to 50 free seats. For unlimited free seats, please reach out to us.

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