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How to Create and Share Collections
How to Create and Share Collections

Collections help you group and share your meetings internally and externally.

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Introducing Collections.

Have a series of user interviews from a research project? Want to organize your meetings with a specific customer? Just select the meetings from your library (or your workspace library) and add them to a new Collection.

To create a Collection follow these steps:

  1. Select the Collections page in the navigation bar

  2. On the Collections page select “New Collection” in the top right corner of the page

  3. In the pop-up window title your “Untitled Collection”

Once you’ve created a Collection you can started adding meetings from your workspace to the Collection by selecting the folder button on the desired video.

To share a Collection with your team navigate back to the Collections page and select the share button. You will have the opportunity to share the collection with your entire workspace or define select team members to share the Collection via their name or email.

In addition, you can share the collection via a link by selecting “Copy Link”. In the dropdown menu above “Copy Link” you can select the share settings for link access from three options; “Anyone with link”, “Members of [Your Company Name]”, or “Only members with access”. Team members with access to the Collection will be able to add recordings to the Collection.

Here are a few ways to use Collections:

  • Sales-to-success hand-off: Share all your calls with a specific customer over to the customer success manager during hand-off.

  • User research deliverable: Create a playlist of user interviews from a specific project—for stakeholders and collaborators to review as necessary.

  • Customer interviews: Curate and share all your customer interviews based on themes.

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