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How to send Meeting Recaps with Grain
How to send Meeting Recaps with Grain
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Sharing relevant notes after a meeting is an integral part of anyone’s workflow. Here’s how you can do this easily with Grain:

Send notes via Email, Hubspot, or Slack

With one click, you can send all your AI-generated notes to anyone on your platform of choice.

In your recording, find your Notes tab and click on the ‘send’ icon on the right.

Then, you can choose to send your notes via Email:

or Slack:

This will send your meeting notes (summary, next steps, etc) in the format you set your template.


*Note: sending notes to Slack or Hubspot will only work if your meeting is shared to Workspace. In Slack, you can only send notes to public channels.

Share your recording link

Another way to send your meeting recaps is by sharing your recording link or inviting someone via email.

Click the green ‘Share’ button on the top right of your recording page.

Then, type in an email to share it with OR generate a viewable link (make sure to select your preferred Link Access setting).

That’s it!

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