Prebuilt Notes Templates
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As the name implies, Prebuilt Templates are ready-to-use templates with builtin sections.

Each template is structured to help you gather different information and insights from the call. For instance, in the "Sales Discovery" template, you'll find sections like Budget, Competitors, and more. In a "Customer Feedback" template, there are sections for gathering customer feedback.

You can simply choose a template based on your use case, and Grain AI will create notes to match it. Here are the Prebuilt Templates available today.

1. Sales Discovery:

Tailored to help your sales teams understand prospects better. Easily uncover what they need and prefer to improve your sales strategy.

Sections: Summary, Customer Needs, Competition, Customer Budget, Stakeholders, and Next Steps.

2. Sales Follow-up:

Designed to keep track of follow-up meetings and important details. Keep commitments organized and never miss out on important details.

Sections: Summary, Pricing Feedback, and Deal Timing.

3. Customer Feedback:

Use customer feedback template to gather insights and suggestions for improving your product.

Sections: Summary, Customer Pain Points, Customer Praise, and Next Steps.

4. Partner Check-in:

Designed to help you get the key information out of your check-in calls with partners and customers.

Sections: Summary, Customer Satisfaction, Metrics Review, Critical Risks, Opportunities & Advice, and Next Steps.

5. Basic Meeting:

Template for standard meetings. Get a summary of your meetings with the list of key points and action items.

Sections: Summary, Key points, and Next steps.

More templates are on the way!

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