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Inviting Grain Recorder into Your Zoom Meeting
Inviting Grain Recorder into Your Zoom Meeting
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Grain is an AI-powered meeting recorder that joins your Zoom meetings to record and document the information, sending it to your preferred platforms like Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more.

When the meeting begins, Grain automatically joins the call just like any other participant to record, transcribe, and summarize the conversation. This lets you focus on the conversation without worrying about taking notes.

Adding Grain Recorder to Your Zoom Meeting

As a user, you have the flexibility to choose which meetings you want to record. Essentially, you can add Grain to meetings you'd like to record.

There are two ways to add the Grain recorder.

I. Set up Your Recording Preferences:

Navigate to the 'Today' page and access Recording Settings in the top-right corner.

To automatically record specific types of calls, such as those with customers, choose "Auto record all meetings with external participants." For internal team meetings, opt for "Auto record all meetings with only internal participants." Alternatively, record all your scheduled meetings by selecting "Auto-record all my meetings."

If you prefer a per-meeting approach, simply go back to the "Today" page, which lists all your scheduled meetings from your connected calendar. Toggle the record button "on" to add Grain to the meeting or "off" to skip recording.

Once you updated your preferences, Grain will join the meetings you’ve asked to record.

II. Enter Meeting Link

For unscheduled or impromptu meetings, navigate to Today > paste the Zoom meeting link in the “Enter meeting link or ID” field > click “Record.”

Grain recorder will join the call.

Recording Disclaimer and Consent

To obtain recording consent, Grain provides a clear disclaimer modal to all participants, ensuring transparency.

1. If you are the meeting host using Grain to record, once Grain joins the call, participants will see a disclaimer modal explicitly stating that the meeting is being recorded. They will have the choice to either leave the meeting or consent to the recording.

2. If you are not the meeting host and wish to add the Grain recorder, Grain will request the host's permission to record. Once you add the Grain recorder, the meeting host will receive a modal requesting permission to record the meeting.

  • If granted, all participants will see the “This meeting is being recorded” disclaimer, and Grain will proceed with recording.

  • If denied, Grain will exit the meeting, and no recording will be created.

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