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Grain Interaction Metrics

Grain automatically provides interaction metrics and recommendations based on best practices to help you improve your communication skills.

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Grain automatically analyzes interaction metrics and recommendations based on best practices. Interaction metrics break down how you can improve your communication skills. Managers can also use them to coach their team. Recommendations are based on industry best practices.

What metrics does Grain track for?

Grain tracks five key interaction metrics:

  • Talk/Listen Ratio: Percentage of the call during which you spoke.

  • Filler Words: Frequency of using filler words like "um," "uh," and "like" per minute.

  • Longest Monologue: Duration of your longest uninterrupted speaking period.

  • Talking Speed: Number of words spoken per minute.

  • Patience: Average time you wait after the customer finishes speaking before taking over the conversation.

How do you view your Interaction metrics?

Once your meeting has been recorded, review your interaction metrics on the Meeting Notes > Coaching tab. You can see how you performed for each metric compared to the recommended range. Hover over the information icon to see the benchmark metrics.

Which types of calls have interaction metrics?

Only calls with external participants have interaction metrics. Grain does not track internal calls for interaction metrics.

Do you have an interaction stat that you’d like Grain to analyze that is not here? Email with suggestions.

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