How to add a comment on a meeting

Leave time-stamped comments at specific points to ask for feedback, clarify decisions, or spark discussions around meeting items

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Grain's comment feature lets you add comments to calls to start a conversation with your team members within the context of the relevant parts of a meeting, to ask for feedback, or to remind yourself of important points or action items.

Add comments to specific points in a call:

  1. Locate the call: Open the meeting you recorded in Grain.

  2. Highlight the transcript section: Select the desired portion of the meeting transcript that you want to comment on and click the comment icon

  3. Compose your comment: Add your thoughts, questions, or action items.

  4. Tag relevant people: Use @ followed by their name to tag individuals

    1. Adjust visibility: @ mentions require you to share your meeting with the individual(s) tagged in the comment. Grain automatically notifies you when tagged individuals need visibility to view your comment.

  5. Post your comment: Click "Comment" in the comment bubble. Your message will appear in the Comments tab

Note: Notifications for @ mentions, teammates tagged by typing "@" followed by their name will receive an email and notification in their Grain Updates hub

Additional resources:

To learn more about Comments, check out this video.

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