How to set-up your Zoom account to record your Zoom calls with Grain

Ensure your Zoom account is properly configured to record all your meetings

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Zoom requires all meeting recorders to have the host’s permission to record. To ensure all of your Zoom meetings with Grain are recorded you need to do two things:

  1. Connect Grain to Zoom, which permits Grain to record the meetings you host

  2. Turn on the Zoom setting “Local Recordings”

Connect Grain to Zoom

For Grain to record you Zoom calls, you need to connect your Zoom account to Grain.

Step 1: Connect you Zoom account to your Grain account here.

Step 2: Click “Connect Zoom Account”. Complete the Zoom sign-in process

Step 3: After you've signed into Zoom, return to your Grain account, you will see “Account connected”, this means you’ve successfully connected Zoom. 👍

Turn on the Zoom setting "Local Recordings"

Grain recorder relies on an Zoom setting called “Local Recordings” to record your call. This setting can be set on the Zoom team and user account level.

Step 1: Access you Zoom team or Zoom personal settings, found here

Step 2: Go to the "Recording" tab

Step 3: Turn on the account setting “Local Recording”

Step 4: Check the box for “Hosts can give meeting participants permission to record locally”

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