Personalize the look of your Grain recorder

Ensure your Grain recorder shows up the way you want it to in your video meetings

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Grain allows you to customize how your recorder shows up in meetings. Here we describe how to visually customize the recorder to your needs.

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Step 1: Set your recorder's name

Under the 'Recorder' setting, you can customize the name of your recorder. This changes the name of the "participant" in the meeting.

Note: This will only apply to Zoom and Microsoft Teams meeting, not Google Meet meetings.

Step 2: Enable automated chat message

Meeting chat messages allow you to have the recorder send a message into the chat of your meeting when it connects. You can customize this to have it send whatever message you'd like.

A common use case for this is to notify meeting participants that the call is being recorded.

You can also see a preview window of what your custom message will look like when sent by pressing the preview button under the text box.

Step 3: Enable video recorder display

You can customize Grain to join the meeting with a physical video display present in the meeting. It can display your logo and a message of your choice. To edit the logo it displays, you can go to your 'Workspace Settings' and update the photo.

To edit the message displayed on the meeting participant window, enter a message in the text box.

If you disable the video display, the Grain recorder will still be present in the meeting. In this case it will appear in the same way as any person joining a video meeting with their video feed off (i.e. the participant name appears on the participant box).

Ensure Grain captures your meeting just the way you like, showing just the speaker or all participants at once

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