How to use Coaching

This article will guide you through using the Coaching tab

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The Coaching tab helps you to review recent conversations, and easily identify where to concentrate your coaching. You can easily find calls to review per person by jumping to a filtered list of recorded calls including filtering by company info or you can filter for coaching, such as calls with feedback alerts or based on interaction tags.

Note that the Coaching tab only shows meeting activity for external calls

What You Can Do in the Coaching Tab

  • Review Recent Conversations: See a list of your recent calls and your team's calls.

  • Focus Coaching Efforts: Use filters to narrow down the list of calls by owner, interaction tags, or company.

  • Provide Coaching: Leave comments directly on conversations for immediate tactical guidance.

  • Offer Broader Feedback: Use the "Send Feedback" feature for coaching on broader behaviors.

  • Receive Coaching Opportunities Alerts: Grain leverage's AI to automatically identify conversations that could benefit most from coaching.

Using the Coaching Tab

  1. Navigate to the Coaching Tab: Locate the "Coaching" tab within Grain.

  2. View Recent Conversations: You'll see a list of your recent calls and calls from your team members.

  3. Filter Calls: Use the filters at the top of the page to narrow down the list. Here are the list of filters options:

    • Coaching Opportunities: Filter based on Grain's AI coaching opportunity flag

    • Date: Select a specific date range

    • Owner: Select a specific team member to see the calls they hosted

    • Tags: Filter by call interaction tags (e.g., next steps, pricing, discovery)

    • Participants: Select a specific meeting participants to see calls they attended

    • Companies: Select a specific customer to see all calls with a company. (e.g., companies on your closed-lost list)

  4. Providing Coaching: there are two main ways to offer coaching in Grain:

    • Comments: Leave comments directly in the conversations for quick, tactical feedback. This is helpful for pointing out specific moments in the call.

    • Send Feedback: Use the "Send Feedback" feature for more comprehensive coaching discussions. Here, you can use the comment section to provide detailed feedback and context.

  5. Review the conversation Insights: Leverage the Insights section on the Coaching tab to review Interaction Metrics and Smart Tags. Use these metrics to identify patterns that might warrant more coaching. Here are some examples:

    1. A team member that talks for a long duration without pausing for the customer (e.g., over 65% talk time or more than five minutes monologue).

    2. A team member that isn't addressing next steps (e.g., next steps smart tag isn't showing in the Smart Tags section)

    By using these metrics, you can focus your coaching efforts on areas that will have the most significant impact on your team's performance.

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