Create and share highlights

Grain allows you to save and share small portions of a meeting recording

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Sometimes a small portion of a meeting recording is all you need to share. Here we describe how to create and share highlights.

Prefer a video? Watch a tutorial here!

Create a highlight

  1. Navigate to the recording page for the meeting from which you want to create a highlight

  2. While viewing the transcript tab, select the text you would like included in the highlight

  3. Click the pencil 'Highlight' button

  4. Give your highlight a title, or let the AI do the work for you!

  5. Press create, and then your highlight will appear in the highlights tab

Share a highlight

Once you have created your highlight, you can choose various different ways to share it.

Copy and share a url direct link via email or chat by clicking on the link icon, or click the three dot menu for further share options, including:

  • Download the clip: download a video file to your computer

  • Send to Slack: send the highlight to a desired Slack channel or direct message recipient

  • Add to a story: add the highlight to a story to share along with other highlights

  • Copy the transcript: copies the highlight transcript to your clipboard

Edit a highlight

Once a highlight is created, you can hover over the highlighted text in the transcript to view and edit the highlight.

To lengthen or shorten the highlight on either end, simply click and drag the start or end cursor to your desired word. The highlight will save automatically.

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