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Create and Share Stories With Grain!
Create and Share Stories With Grain!

Learn how to use Stories and share with your team!

Updated over a week ago

To learn how to use stories with Grain, let's first navigate to the Stories tab!

  • Stories are essentially compiled clips into a short form piece of content! They are super useful for sharing complete thoughts with team members quickly!

Let's begin by Pressing the '+ Add' button in the top right corner!

  • We can now begin by adding a section to our story.

    • I created an introduction section to put my intro highlights under

  • From here we can now press '+ Add New Highlight' to select a highlight to add to our story.

  • Now we can chose the highlight clips we want to include in this story.

    We can follow this same process to create as many sections, and include as many highlights as we wish!

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