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Coach My Reps With Grain
Coach My Reps With Grain

Learn how to use Grain to train better sales reps.

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To get started coaching with Grain, lets head to the Coaching tab!

  • When you first land on the Coaching page, you can see a list view of your past meetings that Grain is giving insights on, making it easy to find meetings you want to learn more about.

  • You can also filter these results by pressing the filter button at the top of the page. This will help you stay organized and fine tune your results!

AI Feedback

  • AI Feedback is a powerful tool that helps users understand what they are doing well, and what they should improve on for the future!

  • These feedback blocks are generated by the AI for each meeting, and every single meeting will generate different insights and feedback!


  • Metrics give you access to important information quickly and give you tips and insights on how to improve these going forward.


  • Lastly we have comments. This tab is where we can make notes at particular timestamps and leave comments for other viewers to watch

  • Coaches commonly use comments to leave notes and grades for their sales reps!

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