Customize your company's workspace

Learn how to customize and manage your company's Grain workspace

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Here we describe how to customize your company's Grain workspace.

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Customize your workspace

To customize our workspace, go to your 'General' settings page. From here we can change things like our workspace name, icon, and internal domain!

Internal Domains

From here we can set domains for Grain to identify as internal participants, Grain will reference this when determining who is an internal team participant or external customer participant.

Remove the Grain Watermark

Toggling this feature on will remove the Grain logo from appearing in the bottom right corner of a highlight, like you see below!

Custom Vocabulary

Custom vocabulary allows users to add in words they know are difficult to transcribe or pick up on, and make sure that the AI is being more precise and accurate with these words or phrases.

Deleting the Workspace

Lastly, you can permanently delete your workspace here at the bottom of the page (in settings)

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