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Manage My Workspace Members
Manage My Workspace Members

Learn more about how to upgrade, downgrade, and transfer recordings to an active user.

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Getting Started

  • Let's begin by going to our 'Members' tab under Workspace settings.

  • From here we can see every user in our workspace, including additional details like what plan they are on and their status within the workspace.

Upgrading a user

  • Upgrade a user from a free to a paid seat by selecting the drop down arrow next to the current plan name on their corresponding row.

  • Then select the plan you would like to upgrade that user to!

  • In this example, our workspace had additional seats not being used, so it just applied the unallocated seat to this user!

  • You can always check how many seats you have remaining by viewing the "Business Seats:" section at the top of the page!

  • If you preform this upgrade and you have 0 seats remaining, it will then charge the credit card associated with the workspace to process the upgrade.

  • Then you will see this message to verify it is complete!

Downgrade a User

  • To downgrade a user, preform the same steps as above, but instead select "Free" for the plan instead of one of the paid options. This will downgrade the user to a free account.

  • Then you will see the user is on a "Free" plan when you view their row.

Deleting Members From The Workspace and What Happens To Their Recordings

  • When you change a user's status from "Active" to "Deactivate" it will start the process of removing that user from the workspace.

  • Once "Deactivate" is selected, you will then be prompted to transfer that deactivated users recordings to an active account in your workspace.

  • From here you can chose what meetings, if any, to transfer and who the recipient will be!

  • Once you make a selection and press the "Deactivate" button in red, the user will be deactivated.

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