Manage your workspace members

Learn more about how to upgrade, downgrade, and transfer recordings to an active user.

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Here we describe everything your need to know to properly manage your workspace members

Member management page

Navigate to your 'Members' tab under Workspace settings.

From here you can see every user in your workspace, including additional details like their role (admin or member), what plan they are on (paid or free seat), and their status within the workspace.

Invite a user

  • Select '+ Invite Members' from the top right corner of the member management page

  • A pop-up will appear and allow you to type in email addresses of people you'd like to personally invite, or additionally you can share the workspace link with multiple team members at once.

  • From here, members can accept the invitation from their email or by clicking the link, and join the workspace!

Upgrade a user

  • Upgrade a user from a free to a paid seat by selecting the drop down arrow next to the current plan name on their corresponding row.

  • Then select the plan you would like to upgrade that user to!

  • In this example, our workspace had additional seats not being used, so it just applied the unallocated seat to this user

  • You can always check how many seats you have remaining by viewing the "Business Seats:" section at the top of the page

  • If you preform this upgrade and you have 0 seats remaining, it will then charge the credit card associated with the workspace to process the upgrade

  • Then you will see this message to verify it is complete

Downgrade a User

  • To downgrade a user, preform the same steps as above, but instead select "Free" for the plan instead of one of the paid options. This will downgrade the user to a free account.

  • Then you will see the user is on a "Free" plan when you view their row

Note: If a user has more than 20 meeting recordings when you downgrade them from a paid seat to a free seat, all meeting recordings above the 20 free recording threshold will be locked, including for all other workspace members if the recordings are shared to the workspace.

Delete a member from the workspace

  • When you change a user's status from "Active" to "Deactivate" it will start the process of disabling that user from the workspace

  • Once "Deactivate" is selected, you will then be prompted to transfer that deactivated users recordings to an active account in your workspace

  • From here you can chose what meetings, if any, to transfer and who the recipient will be!

  • Once you make a selection and press the "Deactivate" button in red, the user will be deactivated.

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