Customize how Grain records your meetings

Ensure Grain captures your meeting just the way you like, showing just the speaker or all participants at once

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Grain allows you to customize how your meeting recording looks so it's ready for your review. Here we describe how to record meeting participants and screen sharing.

Prefer a video? Watch a tutorial here!

Step 1: Select your video recording mode

You can chose between three different views for how Grain captures the meeting visuals:

  1. Active speaker: this will record only the person speaking, and will switch between speakers throughout the recording

  2. Gallery: this will record all meeting participants at once in a single "gallery" view

  3. Audio only: this will not record any video; it will only capture the meeting's audio

Examples of what is captured in speaker mode and gallery mode:

Speaker mode

Zoom: View options

Gallery mode

Adjusting your video layout during a virtual meeting - Zoom Support

Step 2: Select your screen sharing recording mode

You can choose between three different views as to how Grain captures active speaker video when a user is sharing their screen:

  1. Overlap: this will show the active speaker in the top right corner of the screen, overlapping with the screen share

  2. Side-by-side: this will show the active speaker (or all participants in gallery mode) to the right of the screen share, cropping the screen share slightly so there is no overlap

  3. Hide: this will not show the active speaker when recording a screen share to maximize the size of the screen share recording, and ensure nothing is hidden from view

Examples of what is captured in each mode:

Overlap mode

Side-by-side mode

Hide mode

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