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Upload or import meeting recordings to Grain
Upload or import meeting recordings to Grain

Learn about what kind of uploads are supported in Grain

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Uploading meeting recordings captured outside of Grain allows you to efficiently store, share, and analyze all your meetings in one place. Here we describe how to upload recordings directly or import them from Zoom Cloud, with attention to supported formats and length restrictions.

Supported upload files

Ensure your recordings are in a supported format and do not exceed the maximum length:

  • Files Supported: .mov, .mp4, .mp3, .wav, .m4a

  • Codecs Supported: H.264

  • Maximum Length: 4 hours per recording

How to upload meeting recordings

Log into your Grain account and navigate to the 'Meetings' tab. Here you'll find the '+Add' button on the top right of your meeting recording library.

Drag & drop your video files into the upload area or use the file picker to select files from your computer. Ensure that each file does not exceed the 4-hour length limit.

Multiple files can be uploaded simultaneously to streamline the process.

Importing meeting recordings from Zoom Cloud

To import recordings from Zoom Cloud, ensure that the Zoom integration is enabled in both your Zoom and Grain settings. Once set up, recordings stored in Zoom Cloud can be directly imported into your Grain library, adhering to the same length restriction.

You can do this via the same '+Add' button on the top right of your meeting recording library.

Troubleshooting upload errors

  • Paid seats allow for unlimited file uploads, while free seats are limited to a maximum of 5 uploads

  • Please note that there is a maximum upload duration of 4 hours

  • If you receive an error when uploading, it is likely that the file type isn't supported

    • You can try using a third-party converter tool (e.g., Handbrake) to convert the file to a supported type, and try again

    • Podcast files with album artwork are an unsupported file type

  • Uploads are not widely supported outside the US where our data warehoused are located, causing slower upload speeds which may result in an upload timing out

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