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Customizing the Layout of Your Meeting Recording Page on Grain
Customizing the Layout of Your Meeting Recording Page on Grain

Making your meeting recording page work for you is simple on Grain. Follow the steps below to select the layout that best fits your needs.

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Getting Started

  1. Access Account Settings: Log in to your Grain account and navigate to the 'Settings' menu on the left sidebar.

  2. Choose Your Preferred Layout: Click on the 'My Meetings' tab under 'Account'. Here you will find the 'Meeting Page Layout' section with three layout options:

    • Layout 1: Ideal for reviewing calls and coaching sessions.

    • Layout 2: Optimized for navigating and searching calls.

    • Layout 3: Best for creating clips from your recordings.

  3. Select Your Layout: To choose a layout, simply click on the radio button adjacent to your preferred layout. The preview pane will show you what each layout looks like.

  4. Save Your Changes: The changes are saved automatically, so once you select a layout, your meeting pages will immediately update to reflect your choice.

  5. Return to Dashboard: Once you've made your selection, you can return to the main dashboard and continue working with your meetings in the new layout.


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