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Learn about how to navigate the meeting recording page on Grain

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Efficiently reviewing meeting recordings is key to enhancing productivity and ensuring no detail is overlooked. Here we describe how to interact with your meeting recordings in ways that suit your review process.

Prefer a video? Watch a tutorial here!

Video playback

Adjust playback speed: You have the flexibility to adjust the playback speed of your recordings. Simply click on the speed indicator and select the desired speed from the dropdown menu.

Navigation shortcuts: Use the left and right arrow keys to jump backward or forward by 10 seconds in your recording for quick reference and review.

Full screen: Click the arrow on the top right of the video playback screen to make the video full screen.

Picture-in-picture playback: Click the double square icon next to the full screen icon on the top right of the video playback screen to enable picture-in-picture viewing. This allows you to play and view a recording while using other tabs on your internet browser.


Use the timeline to see who spoke when, and for how long. Use it to analyze speaking times, or to quickly find parts of the call that deserve a deeper review.

Speaker-Specific Playback: Click the play button next to a specific speaker's name to play back only sections of the recording where that speaker is speaking. This feature makes it easy to review contributions by each participant.


Speaker blocks: Scroll through the transcript and review the transcript as stated by each speaker. Clicking within the transcript makes the video playback jump to that part of the call.

Search Functionality: Utilize the search bar to find specific keywords within the transcript of your recording. This feature helps you quickly navigate to relevant sections without manual scrolling.


Don't have time to watch an entire meeting recording? Start with Grain AI's note summary. Choose from five different off-the-shelf templates or create your own so Grain AI tells you what you need to know about the meeting.

'Ask Anything' of Grain AI about the meeting, the same way you'd write a prompt within ChatGPT.

Share your notes via Slack or send them to your CRM. Even have Grain AI write a follow up email for you, all in the notes section of your meeting recording page.

Customize your meeting recording page

  1. Access 'My Meetings' settings: Navigate to the 'Settings' menu on the left sidebar.

Choose your preferred layout: Under 'Meeting page layout' setting, you can choose between one of three layouts, including

  1. Layout 1: Ideal for reviewing calls and coaching sessions

  2. Layout 2: Optimized for navigating and searching calls

  3. Layout 3: Best for creating clips from your recordings

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