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How to purchase additional seats
How to purchase additional seats

Learn how to add more paid seats to your workspace!

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As your team grows or as Grain users' needs increase, so too might your need for additional paid seats on Grain. Adding more seats allows for more members of your team to access and utilize Grain's features. Here's how you can easily expand your Grain subscription to accommodate your growing team.

Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing Additional Seats:

  1. Check Your Current Seat Allocation: Begin by navigating to the Members tab in your Grain workspace here to see how many seats are currently allocated and how many you might need. This helps you assess your current and future needs.

  2. Upgrade individual users: Change the 'Plan' from 'Free' to 'Paid' for the user(s) you'd like to upgrade.

  3. Review and Confirm: Review all the details of your updated subscription and billing information to ensure accuracy. This is crucial to avoid any issues post-transaction. If you have unallocated paid seats, no charge will take place for the seat upgrade. If you have no additional seats to allocate, the card on file will be charged the prorated amount for the upgraded seat.

Note: Only a workspace admin can purchase additional seats for users


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