Set up Slack integration with Grain

Learn how to automate sharing notes with Slack!

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Connect Grain with your Slack workspace so workspace members can easily send Grain AI notes and highlights to colleagues. Here we describe how to set up the integration.

Set up your Slack integration

Grain integrates with Slack at the workspace and individual user level. Once you get the two connected, you can easily set up automations or more seamlessly send Grain AI notes or highlights to channels or people in Slack.

Step 1: Connect your Grain workspace to your Slack workspace

Navigate to 'Integrations' under your workspace settings, and select 'Slack'.

Click the green 'Connect Slack' button, and follow the prompts to give Grain permission to integrate with your Slack workspace. If you're a member of more than one Slack workspace, be sure to select the right Slack workspace you want to integrate with, because you can only select one.

This step only needs to be completed once for your entire workspace.

Step 2: Instruct workspace members to connect their personal Grain instance to their Slack instance

Each user will have to connect their personal Grain to their personal Slack in order to send highlights.

They must navigate to 'Integrations' under their workspace settings, and select 'Slack'.

They must scroll to the very bottom where it says 'Send highlights to Slack', and click the green 'Connect to Slack' button. Here again, they must follow the prompts to give Grain permission to integrate with their Slack workspace.

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