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Learn how to use Aircall with Grain!

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Connect your Aircall account with Grain to seamlessly import your workspace members' calls for transcription and benefit from AI-generated notes. This integration not only saves time but also brings the power of Grain’s AI analysis to your team's Aircall conversations.

Connecting Aircall

  1. Set up the integration:

    • Log into your Grain account and navigate to the ‘Integrations’ tab in the settings menu

    • Select ‘Aircall’ from the list of available integrations

  2. Connect your Aircall account:

    • If not already connected, click the setup link to link your Aircall account to Grain

    • Follow the prompts to authorize Grain to access your Aircall data

  3. Configure import settings:

    • Once connected, toggle on ‘Auto-import calls from Aircall’ to enable automatic transcription and note generation

    • Adjust any additional settings based on your preferences for which calls to import and how they are tagged

  4. Review your calls recordings:

    • After a call is completed in Aircall, it will appear in your Grain workspace

    • Access the transcription and AI notes for review, editing, or sharing with your team

With Aircall and Grain’s integrated functionality, you can automatically transcribe calls and generate insightful notes, helping you focus on what truly matters – the conversation.

Disconnecting Aircall

  1. Go to Integrations > Aircall

  2. In the Aircall account dropdown select "Disconnect"

  3. Confirm "Disconnect"

You've now disconnected your Aircall account from Grain.

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