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How to view past billing invoices
How to view past billing invoices

Learn how to view Grain billing invoices

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Maintaining a record of your invoices for your Grain plan is essential for financial tracking and management. Currently, the process to generate and view invoices on Grain is handled through Grain's Customer Support team.

Steps to Access Your Invoices:

  1. Contact Support: Since invoices are not directly accessible through the user interface, you'll need to reach out to Grain’s support team to request your invoices.

  2. Use the 'Chat with Support' Feature: The easiest way to get in touch is to use the 'Chat with Support' button, which you can find on the Billing tab of your Grain account settings OR by selecting the question mark on the lower left hand side of your screen.

  3. Provide Necessary Details: When contacting support, be ready to provide any necessary details such as the time period you need invoices for and the email address or account name associated with your subscription.

  4. Support Team Assistance: The support team will process your request and generate the invoices for you. They will then provide you with the invoices or instruct you on how to view them.

While Grain does not currently offer an automated feature for generating and viewing invoices, our support team is readily available to assist you with this. By contacting them directly, you can receive the invoices you need for your records.

Note: Only a workspace admin may request billing invoices for the workspace

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