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How to reduce the number of paid seats
How to reduce the number of paid seats

How to downgrade the number of paid seats on your workspace

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Managing your team’s access to Grain's features efficiently is essential for aligning your subscription with your current needs. Whether downsizing or reallocating resources, you can reduce the number of paid seats directly from your workspace.

Guide to Reducing Paid Seats:

  1. Access the Members Tab: Log into your Grain account and click on the Members tab within your workspace settings. This is where you manage user roles and access levels.

  2. Adjust Seat Assignments: Within the Members section, you’ll see a list of users along with their assigned seat type. Click on the user you wish to adjust.

  3. Select Seat Type: For each user, you can select between their paid plan and 'Free' seats. Select 'Free' to change a user’s status from a paid to a free seat.

  4. Confirm Changes: After you’ve made the adjustments, ensure to save any changes if prompted. The system may automatically update the user’s status based on your selection.

  5. Downgrade timing: The downgrade will automatically process at the end of your billing cycle when your plan renews for another term (either monthly or annually). Plans renew automatically for assigned seats only.

Note: Only the workspace admin can downgrade the number of paid seats

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