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Set up your workspace integrations
Set up Productboard integration with Grain
Set up Productboard integration with Grain

Set up your workspace integration with Productboard

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Send user feedback directly into your product roadmap—directly from Grain. With Grain’s native integration to Productboard, you can capture and send customer feedback, product ideas, and feature requests from your user interviews directly into Productboard. Learn more here.

Connect Productboard

To connect Grain with Productboard, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Integrations > Productboard

  • Click “Get the token here”

  • Copy your Productboard access token

  • Paste or enter your Productboard access token in the text box

  • Refresh the page

Voila! You’ve now connected Grain with your Productboard account.

Customize Productboard automation

Send all Highlights: You can choose to send all your meeting Highlights to Productboard in your Grain account settings.

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