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How do different teams use Grain?
How do different teams use Grain?
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Grain is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of use cases for many different teams in an organization. But at the core, teams use Grain to capture, share, and organize important moments from their meeting recordings.

Despite each team using Grain in its own unique way, common themes emerge among use cases. For example:

  • Sales Teams use Grain to record pitches, demos, and customer meetings. These recordings serve as valuable resources for reviewing customer interactions, coaching teammates, improving pitch techniques, and providing insights to team members who couldn't attend the meeting.

    • Sales reps can easily share key moments with prospects, reinforcing discussions and speeding up the sales cycle

    • Sales reps are able to share customer sound bites with product teams to close the feedback loop

    • Sales managers create onboarding materials by pulling meeting recordings into playlists or compiling call highlights into stories

  • Success Teams leverage Grain for customer onboarding sessions, support calls, and training sessions. By recording these interactions, success teams can provide personalized follow-up, reinforce training materials, and offer ongoing support. Grain recordings help in clarifying instructions, troubleshooting issues, and building stronger relationships with customers.

    • Success managers will review meeting recordings of their accounts during the sales process to facilitate improved knowledge transfer from the sales team to the success team

    • When accounts are reorganized, new success managers will review previous account check-in calls to get up to speed quickly on where an account is at and who the main point of contacts and champions are

  • Product Teams use Grain for design reviews, feature discussions, and feedback sessions. By recording these meetings, product teams can capture valuable feedback from stakeholders, document design decisions, and ensure alignment across the team. Grain recordings also serve as a reference point for future iterations, helping teams track progress and maintain consistency in product development.

    • Product teams also leverage Grain AI to do a lot of the insight capture for them, making sure they surface trending topics that are brought up across customer interviews

Overall, Grain enhances collaboration, knowledge sharing, and productivity across sales, success, and product teams by providing a seamless way to capture and share important moments from video meetings.

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