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How does Grain's pricing work?
How does Grain's pricing work?
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Grain's pricing is simple and straightforward. You pay per 'Paid' seat, and you pay monthly or annually. Each plan has a different per seat rate, and annual billing comes with an upfront billing discount.

Each Grain user requires a seat, and a Grain user can sit on a Free or Paid seat. A Free seat allows a user to log into the shared team workspace and view meeting recordings and basic transcript and notes. A Paid seat allows a user to record unlimited meetings and use all of the features on the paid plan.

Typically paid users can be referred to as recorders that have meetings with customers, or managers that need to coach their team.

All Paid seats on a workspace must be on the same paid plan. In other words, if you have the Starter plan, all users on paid seats must occupy a Starter seat. You can't mix and match seat types (e.g., Starter and Business seats).

Our pricing is outlined here on our website.

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